Positions Vacant: aquatic animal health and marine pests, epidemiology, emergency animal diseases.

Aquatic job available.

> Are you interested in epidemiology, emergency animal diseases, aquatic animal health or marine pests?
> The Department of Agriculture’s Animal Health Policy Branch is seeking suitable candidates to fill vacancies in the Aquatic Pest and Health Policy section, Animal Disease Preparedness and Response section and Animal Health Epidemiology and One Health section. These sections lead and co-ordinate national policy and program development for significant pest and health issues; contribute to enhanced pest and disease emergency preparedness and response and provide leadership in international and regional pest and health activities.
> Tertiary qualifications or experience in an area of animal health, aquatic animal health, marine science or related disciplines is highly desirable.
> The salary range is $77,602 to $88,315 (plus 15.4% super).
> Further information can be found on the department’s website, under the heading policy officers: http://agriculture.nga.net.au/fnt_jobs_list.cfm?
> Interested candidates may also wish to contact Dr Ingo Ernst (Ingo.Ernst) for further information.
> Please feel free to share this with others who might be interested in these positions.

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