Microscopes are essential for diagnostic work. What does TheFishVet recommend?

Many have asked me what I think is the best microscope for diagnostic use. It really depends on what you’re going to use it for. Below are the scopes I have found to be more than satisfactory for my works.

For my site visits, I can’t go past the monocular microscope (see link) because it is just so portable and practical. You can set up just about anywhere. There’s no need to find powerpoints or run long extension cords which can be a hazard for tripping, and ofcourse, electricity around water is dangerous. Examination of wet mounts can be conducted rather quickly. It is excellent for pond-side diagnostics.

I also spend a lot of time reading histology slides. For this sort of work, I can’t go past binocular microscopes (see link). If you’ve to spend lots of time reading slides, it becomes a strain if you’re using a monocular. You have to use both eyes, because squinting through one eye become tiresome and a strain for the working eye. However, in my ealy days, I found it very difficult to use both eyes at the same time. It’s something that takes practice, but your eyes will thank you. Unfortunately, I’ve not found a decent binocular scope that is very portable. This is the closest thing to a binocular scope that is compact enough for a mobile veterinarian, but it needs to be plugged into a powerpoint.

If you are not moving your microscope around and don’t like to look through the eye-pieces, then I recommend the trinocular microscope (see link) combined with a digital camera. This will relay an image onto a computer screen.

The digital camera options in increasing quality are :
ISH500 (5 megapixels) – $795
ISH1000 (10 megapixels) – $995
HDMI-2 – $1,495.

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