2 thoughts on “Emergency turtle hotline.

  1. I found a North American box turtle in my backyard. She has an obvious left ear abscess. I am unable to take her to a reptile vet until tomorrow(Monday) afternoon as said vet is closed until that time. What can i do in the meantime to insure her safety & comfort. I read up on the issue & discovered the only viable treatment is for the vet to put her under general anesthesia & either aspirate the abscess or lance it to remove the puss/infection followed by antibiotic injection at the site. I am extremely concerned for this little creature & am praying she will hold on until tomorrow when i can get her to the vet. My fear is that the abscess will rupture. She is eating heartily & moving about with no apparent problem. Thank you for taking the time to read this dissertation…sincerely, Cathy Eckstein…
    ceckstein@comcast.net/home tel:1-615-221-0932


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