Free webinar on fish anaesthesia, sedation and euthanasia.

WAVMA WebCEPD B-1007 – Tropical Fish Tranquilization, Anesthesia & Euthanasia

Join us for a free webinar on Saturday, December 21, 2014 at 1:00 AM Australian Western Standard Time (Perth/Singapore/Hong Kong).
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This webinar will review veterinary procedures, drug dosages and routes of administration that can be used to sedate, anesthetize and euthanize tropical or pet fish. Sedating or tranquilizing fish prior to handling for physical examinations and diagnostic tests, or surgery makes the process easier. Anesthetizing the fish prior to surgical procedures is essential, and euthanasia with an overdose of anesthetic (oral, injected or in the water) is sometimes necessary and can be quick and painless. This webinar is suitable for veterinarians, vet techs/nurses, vet students, research scientists and aquarists/aquarium husbandry staff.

Dr Nick Saint-Erne DVM, CertAqV (Quality Assurance Veterinarian, PetSmart, Inc.)

Learning Objectives – participants will learn:
1. How to use available anesthetic drugs, anesthetic depth monitoring & post-anesthetic recovery
2. How to construct and use anesthetic equipment and surgical tables, suitable for tropical fish
3. How to euthanize tropical fish using available anesthetic agents, when necessary

NOTE: this webinar will be recorded. If you register for the live webinar and are unable to attend, you will be sent a link to view the webinar at a later time.

Want CEPD credit? (Registration is required)
Information on how to access the recorded webinar (at no cost), and a short knowledge & skills assessment (KSA or quiz) covering the webinar’s principle learning objectives, in order to earn 1.5 hours of veterinary Continuing Educational & Professional Development (CEPD) credit will be e-mailed to all registrants in 7-10 days after the webinar.

As CEPD credit can be used towards re-licensing or registration requirements to practice veterinary medicine, we provide WAVMA Members a discount off the US$25.00 fee for CEPD ($5 for student members, $15 for all others).

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2 thoughts on “Free webinar on fish anaesthesia, sedation and euthanasia.

  1. Missed the seminar this evening – had registered for it and wondered if it was still possible to watch it?


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