Are you planning a holiday? Will your fish cope while you’re away?

Have you asked someone to help feed the fish while you’re away? Have you recently introduced new fish to your tank/pond? Have you recently cleaned the filter and tank/pond?

Well… if you answered “Yes” to any of these, you might be in for a shock!

Can your fish survive you being away?

Many non-fish people don’t know how much to feed fish and aren’t attuned to checking for signs of poor water conditions or sick fish. And your instructions on feeding might go astray because well-meaning friends feel they want to feed them more.

New introductions can be a source of new diseases. And while you’re away, there’s no one who knows your fish better than you, to check on their health.

Some people can over clean their filters and aquaria/ponds and disturb their healthy biofilters and biofilm. You might run into ‘new tank syndrome’ where ammonia and/or nitrite can reach dangerous levels.

If you’re going away for less than two weeks, fish can readily fast for that period. Alternatively, prepare multiple containers with pre-measured amount of feed, one for each day.

In terms of water quality issues, never wash your filters too thoroughly. It’s a good idea to get your water tested regularly (weekly is recommended).

For infectious diseases, it’s a good idea to get your fish regularly screened by your fish veterinarian (once or twice a year is recommended).


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