Supporting more veterinarians in aquatic veterinary medicine. Means more fish doctors for you!

It’s a common problem that many fish keepers and farmers encounter when they run into disease issues with their fish. No fish doctors can be found in their locality. But more correctly, no aquatic veterinarians available.

This year, as I serve as the President of the World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association (, much of the emphasis of my work has been in recruiting more veterinarians to support fish keepers and fish farmers by providing more tools and knowledge.

I’ve been working with the WebCEPD Committee at the WAVMA to recruit speakers for webinars. Webinars are the perfect way to connect people through space and time, and to upskill our colleagues. We’ve had excellent speakers present on diseases of barramundi and dolphins, surgery on fish and more to come including seahorses, koi, ornamental fish, amphibians. In return, the speakers will gain massive exposure and receive global recognition for their works.

I’ve also contributed to a few articles to fish and pet magazines, but my emphasis this year is within the veterinary profession. I’ve published a series of articles with my colleagues in the Companion Animal Journal (pictured). I’ve also contributed a few unique cases to the second edition of Self-Assessment Color Review of Ornamental Fish.


I’ve been spreading the message personally too, presenting at several international conferences (Sydney Zebrafish Conference, Denver AVMA Convention and St Kitts Ross University guest lecturer). This years not out yet and I’ve a full week scheduled in Singapore, come Nov/Dec when I present at the FAVA-SVA Convention, to the NUS-SALAS group and a three-day ornamental fish biosecurity workshop to the AVA-FQIA.

I’ve also supported the formation of WAVMA Student Chapters at Murdoch University, Sydney University, and we have the University of Queensland following suit.

These are all tools to help recruit more veterinarians to assist with fish clients and, to know who and where to refer fish clients to.


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