AQUAPLAN – Australia’s National Strategic Plan for Aquatic Animal Health.

Australia’s third national strategic plan for aquatic animal health has been released.

It was endorsed by industry through the National Aquatic Animal Health Industry Reference Group and later by the Agriculture Ministers Forum.

AQUAPLAN 2014-2019 has five objectives:

1. Improving regional and enterprise-level biosecurity.
2. Strengthening emergency disease preparedness and response capability.
3. Enhancing surveillance and diagnostic services.
4. Improving availability of appropriate veterinary medicines.
5. Improving education, training and awareness.

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Yours sincerely,

Dr Richmond Loh
DipProjMgt, BSc, BVMS, MPhil (Pathology) Murdoch, MANZCVS (Aquatics& Pathobiology), CertAqV, CMAVA, NATA Signatory.
THE FISH VET, Perth, Western Australia.
Veterinary Medicine for fish.
P: +61 (0)421 822 383


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