University of Wisconsin’s Complete Fish Health Certificate Program for Veterinarians and Fish Producers.

At the recent AVMA Convention I attended, Dr Myron Kebus presented on this great program their state government in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin had set up. The online courses are expected to reduce the risk of diseases on fish farms by increasing the number of trained fish producers and veterinarians. Additionally, veterinary involvement at fish farms will improve the health of fishes, reduce losses and ultimately, increase profitability for the farmer.

Although open to anyone, this training program is targeted at veterinarians and fish producers in their state.


Follow the headings below for more information about the courses:
Programs for Veterinarians:


  • 0019 – Basic Fish Health Medicine Program
    1. Fish Health – Introduction
    2. Fish Health – Risk Management
    3. Fish Health – Water Quality and Fish
    4. Fish Health – Inspections
    5. Fish Health – Assessments
    6. Receive Fish Health Certificate

Programs for Fish Producer:

  • 1052 – Complete Fish Health for Producers Program
    1. Fish Health for Producers: Introduction
    2. Fish Health for Producers: Risk Management and Biosecurity
    3. Fish Health for Producers: Water Quality
    4. Fish Health for Producers: Preparing for Fish Health Inspections
    5. Fish Health for Producers: Understanding Fish Health Assessments
    6. Fish Health for Producers: Case Studies

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