Here is how you can increase your case experience with fish vetting.

In the beginning, it was difficult for me to gain sufficient knowledge and experience with ornamental fish case loads being rather sparse.

Sure, I worked in a diagnostic laboratory; but I dealt mainly with salmon, trout, oyster, abalone and lobsters. I yearned to work with the prettier fishes.

One of my friends gave me this book as a present (one of the best gifts by far, thank you). In this book are 265 cases of fish health problems with diagnostic work ups and solutions to the ailments. This “Self-Assessment Colour Review of Ornamental Fish” by Dr Greg Lewbart is a most excellent publication. It quickly gave me the confidence that I have seen or read about the most common issues that are out there. I highly recommend it if you’re at all serous about being a fish veterinarian.

What’s more is that they’re publishing a second edition (yay!); and they’ve asked me to contribute some of my cases (yay x2!).

Keep a look out for the new edition when it’s ready!


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