TheFishVet’s Ultimate Field Water Test Kit.

There are so many makes of water quality test kits. How do you know which is the best brand? And would you go for the droppers, test strips or meters? Which tests work in both fresh and salt water (including aquaponics)? How do you interpret the results? Are you confused?

The most important question is ,
"Do you want to use what TheFishVet uses?"

After having tried multiple test kits for reliability and ease of use, I’ve hand selected those that are essential for every practicing fish vet or fish doctor. It’ll take away the stress of researching and sourcing the individual tests. With this kit, you’ll be able to determine 16 water quality parameters!

They are perfect for freshwater aquaria/ponds, aquaponics, brackish and marine systems.

With TheFishVet’s Ultimate Field Water Test Kit, you’ll be able to determine values for:

  1. Ammonia (NH3/NH4)
  2. Nitrite (NO2)
  3. Nitrate (NO3)
  4. pH
  5. KH (alkalinity or carbonate hardness)
  6. GH (permanent hardness or general hardness)
  7. Calcium (Ca+2)
  8. Magnesium (Mg+2)
  9. Chlorine (Cl2)
  10. Dissolved Oxygen (O2)
  11. Copper (Cu+2)
  12. Phosphate (PO4)
  13. Carbon dioxide (CO2)
  14. Water temperature
  15. Specific gravity / salinity
  16. Water volume

All these come in a handy case because portability is very practical.

Charts are laminated to be waterproof, so you can use them next to ponds.

PLUS, it comes with easy instructions and a handy booklet of reference values for different biotypes and species-specific requirements (extracted from Fish Vetting Essentials).

This special introductory offer will end on June 30.

BUY NOW <TheFishVet’s Shopping Cart.>

Yours sincerely,

Dr Richmond Loh
DipProjMgt, BSc, BVMS, MPhil (Pathology), MANZCVS (Aquatics & Pathobiology), CertAqV, NATA Signatory.
Aquatic Veterinarian | Adjunct Lecturer Murdoch University | President WAVMA |

Secretary Aquatic Animal Health Chapter – ANZCVS.
THE FISH VET, Perth, Western Australia, AUSTRALIA.

Mobile Aquatic Veterinary Medical & Diagnostic Services.
Ph: +61 (0)421 822 383



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