Changing weather can mean sick fish. Six things you can do to prevent fish diseases?

With the cool weather approaching and unstable weather patterns, you have to adjust how much you feed your pond fish based on the weather forecast. Reduce the amount you feed if the weather is going to be cooler.

Your biofilter will also ‘feel’ the cold and reduce it’s activity and this is another reason for reducing feed.

You should also be checking the pH and KH of the water to ensure it remains stable over the winter.

Make sure you remove all the accumulated, dead and decaying matter from the bottom of your pond and from the filter chambers.

You can add pool salt to the pond at a rate of 0.5-5g/L to reduce osmoregulatory stress during this period.

The addition of vitamin C (available from
at a rate of 1-10mg/L is also helpful to boost your fish’s immune system and will help with wound repair if they sustained minor injuries. As a gesture of goodwill, I will refund the postage fee charged with a personalised, signed cheque. This offer is valid for orders made this month only and for Australian addresses.

Lastly and most importantly, get your fishes vet checked before the winter. Book a time now at this link.


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