Who are some of the Australian aquatic veterinarians?

Last week I was asked, “Who are some of the experts in aquatic veterinary medicine?”

Off the top of my head, I listed some Aussie fish vets’ names.

Some of the “oldies” who’ve postgraduate qualifications and experience related to aquatic animal health include Drs:
Matt Landos
Stephen Pyecroft
Judith Handlinger
Richmond Loh
Robert Jones
Alistair Brown
Rachel Bowater
Roger Chong
Ian Anderson
Susan Kueh
David Blyde
Zoe Spiers

Some of the new veterinary graduates include Drs:
Brett DePoister
Sandy Ypelaan
Jo Bannister
Erin Kelly

Of course there are more than these and they can include those who dabble in aquatics either clinically, or in pathology, research and welfare sectors. The list also continues to grow as more and more veterinarians are paying greater attention to this traditionally neglected area.

At last count, according to Dr Pin Needham, while he was preparing his presentation at the IAAAM Conference in Gold Coast, there are at least 100 Australian veterinarians who deal with aquatic animals in some form or other.


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