Aquatic Veterinary Student & Recent Graduate Educational Grants – application deadline April 30, 2014.

From: “Dr. David Scarfe”
Date: 10 April 2014 2:12:01 AWST
Subject: AquaVetMed e-News: Aquatic Veterinary Student & Recent Graduate Educational Grants – application deadline April 30

April 9, 2014
Aquatic Veterinary Educational Grants for Veterinary Students & Recent Graduates – applications close April 30, 2014

Are you a student or a recently graduated veterinarian interested in finding out what aquatic veterinary medicine is all about or expanding your professional skills with aquatic animals?

The World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association, in collaboration with the American Veterinary Medical Foundation and the American Veterinary Medical Association, will award up to 20 Aquatic Veterinary Educational Grants (up to $1,000 each) to veterinary students and recent veterinary graduates who are interested in exploring a career in aquatic veterinary medicine.

Funding from these awards can be used for a variety of aquatic veterinary educational opportunities, including attending workshops or meetings, externships or internships, or to support aquatic veterinary research projects. Awards are intended to assist veterinary students and veterinarians that have graduated in the previous two years and wish to become more involved with aquatic veterinary medicine.

All individuals that receive an award will provide a written report after completing their activity or project for possible publication in WAVMA’s quarterly publication, The Aquatic Veterinarian.

Applications for the 2014 program are now open, and will close on April 30, 2014.

Click the following links for more information, an application form or to contact a program administrator with questions about this program.

This program was established in 2010 to honor John Leland Pitts, DVM (1941-2009), who contributed significantly to advancing the discipline of aquatic veterinary medicine and the involvement of veterinary students and newly graduated veterinarians through the formation of the Student American Veterinary Medical Association.

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