Who is “Fish Vetting Techniques & Practical Tips” DVD for?

I’ve had incredible interest in this DVD and a lot of feedback from people who’ve purchased their very own copy. Everyone’s loved it and I guarantee you will too?

Who is the target audience? My veterinary colleagues often say to me, “There’s a lot of great material in there, some maybe too technical for the regular fish owner. Perhaps a cut down version should be made for them.”

My response… well, it’s for EVERYONE. When I put it together, I had fellow vets & students in mind because they need to know how to do all this stuff. A vet’s standard training does not adequately cover the specifics of fish medicine.

I also bore in mind, my clients because I often have to explain and demonstrate how they could continue to treat their fish after I’ve left them with some medicines. Then there are others who don’t live nearby and they can’t get access to a fish veterinarian. The DVD has instructions on how they can take samples to send to their veterinarian or veterinary laboratory for testing.

Why didn’t I make two versions? The reason why I’ve made it all inclusive is because it’ll be good education to let fish owners know what veterinarians can do to help. It’s not just about educating our colleagues, but it’s also about educating our clients. Clients will then know that not only are such things possible, but also that they are done. Plus it’s great as a show and tell.

So, if you are reading this blog, it’s exactly for you!

Buy now at http://thefishvet.com.au/shop/shopping.html



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