Fish of the Week: Arowana

Aquatic Veterinary Services

ArowanaHappy new year fish folks! We’re kicking off our 2014 Fish of the Week segment with the Arowana. The Arowana (Osteoglossum bicirrhosum) is a native of the Amazon basin. These amazing fish can reach up to 3′-4′ long! They can be kept in a home aquarium, but keep in mind that even the most advanced hobbyists have trouble with these fish. They like to eat other fish in their tanks, usually anything that fits in even part of its mouth. They have a tendency to leap out of the water, so a tight lid is essential. This jumping ability has earned them the nickname of “monkey fish.” Want to check them out in action in the wild? Click here! Arowana are mouth brooders, which means that Dad will carry the eggs in his mouth until they hatch, 50-60 days in total.

Still interested in keeping one yourself? Check…

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