Antibiotic awareness week.

Did you know that normally, when you need antibiotics for yourself, or for your pet dog/cat, you can only get it on prescription from your doctor or veterinarian? At the chemist, pharmacists can dispense antibiotics only if they are given a prescription by the doctor or veterinarian to fill. Why is there such a tight control over antibiotics? It’s because they are miracle drugs that help keep us safe from infections. Click here to learn more about antibiotic resistance and the importance of taking antibiotics correctly.

Although it is so tightly regulated in the medical and veterinary realms, did you know that you can easily buy antibiotics like tetracycline and triple sulpha, over the counter from the local fish shops? Why is this still allowed?

So, what you can do to help?

We all have a responsibility to fight antibiotic resistance.

This year, we’re asking consumers, policy-makers, and health professionals across the agricultural, veterinary and health sectors to band together to preserve the miracle of antibiotics. Whether you use, prescribe, dispense or provide advice about antibiotics, you can make a difference.

Pledge to join the fight against antibiotic resistance today!

AB Pledge

Further info at:

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