Are hydroponic probiotics safe for Aquaponics?

Not all things can be used interchangeably from hydroponics to aquaponics.

Following yesterday’s post on how probiotics work, I recently stopped by the local hydroponics store just to see what products they had. I told them I had a working knowledge on Aquaponic systems and we swapped contact details.

There was one product that caught my eye. It was a probiotics for hydroponics to increase yield and improve plant health. I was intrigued because I wonder if it could be used in systems that hold fish. Below is a picture of the contents of the probiotic.


In the list of bacteria beneficial for hydroponically grown plants were three that can cause serious diseases in fish. These all belonged to the Pseudomonas group of bacteria and they cause septicaemia.

This just goes to show the importance of reading the label and consulting good information sources before you go ahead and find out the hard way.
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