Bacterial transport swabs for small fish.

Why culture for bacteria? The answer can be found in a previous post (

But do you ever have trouble trying to take an aseptic sample from the kidney of a tiny fish and find that the giant cotton wool swab ends up swabbing everything, but the kidney?

Ensuring that you take a targeted sample will ensure that whatever the bacteriology laboratory isolates, itis likely to be significant, rather than mere environmental contaminant.

Also, my fish bacteriologist colleague says that aquatic bacteria survive better in Amies transport media that contains charcoal.

This swab pictured is the ideal design for fish vetting and it’s what I carry in my kit at all times.

Amies Bacterial Transport Swab

These bacterial transport swabs with small tips are perfect for aseptically sampling from small fish organs. The charcoal media guarantees longevity of the bugs so they can reach the lab alive.


Enquire with TheFishVet regarding supply of these Transwabs for your veterinary clinic or laboratory.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Richmond Loh
BSc BVMS MPhil MANZCVS (Aq & Pathol)
The Fish Vet, Perth, Western Australia.
Veterinary Medicine for fish.
E: thefishvet
P: +61 (0)421 822 383

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