The Fish Vet is now blogging!

There are very few veterinarians who are involved with fish health. And the majority of these are employed in a commercial capacity (involved with aquaculture). Their services are often beyond the reach of the local suburban clinic for your much loved pet fish. So this is a ground breaking step forward for both the clients and for the veterinary profession. Pet fish health has somewhat been neglected for many years and it is now time to make that change.

My aim is to help pool the knowledge that aquarists already have, dispel false information and then educate my clients where appropriate.

I understand that fish give you so much enjoyment that I will do my best to make sure your fish are happy and healthy.



One thought on “The Fish Vet is now blogging!

  1. Hi Richmond,

    Great website – even though I specialise in feline medicine, I’ve found the information here interesting and informative, just from a general interest point of view. I heard a fascinating segment on the morning show on ABC FM the other day featuring fish biologist Dr Culum Brown that you may want to share with your readers:

    Keep up the good work!



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