GIANT booger in a giant gourami fish?

What’s this?

Snot a tumour, or is it?

Watch our video run (link), to see what interesting answers we dig out!

Puns intended.

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How much does a fish veterinarian charge?

You’ll be surprised to know how much we charge as fish veterinarians. While some might shirk at the cost, many clients are ever so grateful for the service and surprised it didn’t cost them as much as they’d thought.

See the link to an article my colleague has prepared. It details what it takes to be a fish veterinarian, compared to a veterinarian in general practice –

Fish Jokes for Monday-itis: for the locals

The following are West Australian related jokes:

Q1: If whale sharks need the conveniences, where do they go?

Q2: Where do marine life avoid along the coast of WA?

Q3: Where do Margaret River fish not swim?

Q4: Where do WA fish species relax?

Now here are the answers…

A1: Ninga*loo*!

A2: Burns beach.

A3: Gallows and Guillotine surf points.

A4: Peaceful Bay

Have you been to these places before?

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Aquatic veterinary sessions at the World Veterinary Association Congress in 2020.

I hope to see you there. I will be presenting on the ornamental pet fish aspects of fish vetting, and Doctor Colin Johnston will be presenting on the food fish industries. Dr David Scarfe will cover biosecurity and regulatory aspects.

The aquatic stream will be held on Wednesday 8th April 2020 in Auckland.

See link for more information.