Fish Jokes for Monday-itis: leather

Q: What movie do leatherjackets like?

A: Grease

I’m glad to say, we’ve had a rejuvenation of new fishy jokes, with your input. This one is with thanks to BT.

Have a FINtastic week! R <+>{


Does your fish food contain RAM?

What is R.A.M.?
It stands for ‘

It stands for ‘restricted animal material’. It means that a component of the food contains on or a combination of mammalian meat and bone, blood, poultry offal and/or feather meals.

You can tell this is so, because such feeds contain the label “not for ruminant consumption”.

Does this make your fish food an inferior quality? Well, there has been a growing amount of research done in the field of feed substitution – i.e. use of cheaper protein sources as alternatives to fish meal and crustacean meal.

Traditionally, we’d say that the most appropriate diet for your fish is their natural diet of fish and invertebrates (since most of the fish we grow are carnivorous to omnivorous).

The ruminant feed ban helps keep Australia free of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE or mad cow disease), which supports Australia’s livestock industries to trade internationally and helps maintain human health in Australia.
For more information, see

For more information, see

Fish Joke for Monday-itis? Sorry, we’ve run out. Here’s an advert instead.

Attention all you fish keepers!

Is your fish looking green about the gills?

Professional veterinary care is now available.

Whether your sturgeon needs a surgeon, or your eel won’t eat its meal; The Fish Vet can help.

Don’t be koi, drop us a line.

The Fish Vet’s team has “ofFISHally” grown to include international counterparts in the UK and HK.

They complement our Australian team who are based in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra.

We offer rapid FISHnostics and our team will respond to your calls with E-fish-N-C.

See link-

Tank you!

The Fish Vet is in London!

Dr Bryony Chetwynd-Glover BVSc MRCVS – LAVS director and lead vet joins The Fish Vet’s team as our representative in London, England.

Bryony graduated from Bristol veterinary school and has experience as a general veterinary practitioner. She realised that she wanted to specialise in fish medicine, and so has set herself up with a mobile fish veterinary practice.

She is currently completing her WAVMA (World Aquatic Veterinary Medicine Association) certificate in aquatic animal health. Bryony has always been captivated by the aquatic world and aside from owning pet fish for the majority of her life, Bryony has completed over 100 hours of aquatic based education.

Some of her most notable experiences include a 6-week preceptorship programme at the National Aquarium of Baltimore, long term volunteer work at Bristol Aquarium and a 5 day intensive masterclass in fish health held in Perth, Australia (by yours truly).

Bryony is the secretary for the Fish Veterinary Society (FVS) and is an active member of the World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association (WAVMA). She is currently completing her requirements to become a Certified Aquatic Veterinarian.

Visit our website ( which will direct you to Dr Bryony’s site.

Alternatively, contact her via email:

Fish Joke for Monday-itis: run out :(

Can you believe that I’ve finally run out of (arguably bad) fish/dad jokes?

Please help with your contributions.

It just occurred to my friend (and I), why are there only “bad dad jokes” around?

Do “mum jokes” not exist?

Maybe it’s time to give “mum jokes” a go?

Have a FINtastic week! R <+>{

Signing off, richMONDay.

A complex fish disease related to feeding of live foods!

Do your fish love live foods? For years, fishkeepers have been catching little wrigglies of tasty morsels to give their fish a treat. Earthworms, slaters, crickets, roaches, mosquito larvae and more!

Is this good for your fish?

Generally, it’s a YES! Fish just love devouring them…

But, sometimes, it’s probably not a good idea.

Why not?

Watch this video to see why not –