Fish jokes for Monday-itis: skunk

What do you get if you cross a skunk with a ray fish?

A stink ray!

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Fish jokes for Monday-itis: search & find

In the USA, a popular search and find book is “Where’s Waldo?”

In Australia, the same book is called “Where’s Wally?”

Q: What sort of “search and find” books do juvenile freshwater fish grow up reading?

A: Where’s walleye!

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New video on the diagnosis and treatment of Hexamita infection in Cichlid fish.

We’ve uploaded a new video where we treat a shoal of Frontosa Cichlids infected with Hexamita.

Hexamita is a flagellated protozoal parasite that commonly infects the intestines in many species of fish, especially African Rift Lake Cichlids. The disease can cause bloating of the gut which is why it is sometimes commonly referred to as "Malawi bloat" as the disease tends to cause infected fish to become bloated. They can also cause poorly formed white faeces.

A rare presentation of hexamitiasis is shown in this investigation with a fish developing rectal prolapse.

We show you how we diagnose and use the different forms of metronidazole to treat against Hexamita in aquarium fish.

Watch at-

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